Video Games

Black Friday: The Online Experience for Gamers

In a time where anyone can buy something online, it is a fathom of why people choose to wait out in the cold at 4-5a.m. for some of the same things you can buy online. Now granted, some people aren’t savvy when it comes to buying online because they don’t know the online outlets as well as they do the physical outlets like Target and Walmart. Also, the return policy on something that is purchased online can be a bit difficult to deal with than dealing with going to a store and being able to return an item to a person. However, I found that Amazon was one of the best choices for shopping online this year, especially when it comes to deals on games.


Street Fighter 5 is a new game that came out recently, already marked down to $19.99 for Black Friday. I just received Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Storm 4 and Fallout 4 for the PS4 for $14.99 each, thanks to Amazon. Also, Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Gears of War 4 and NBA2k17 were marked down to their lowest price for Black Friday. Gamers, this is the deal for you for the Holidays, so good luck. (Make sure if you are purchasing anything online, to find a link that will give proceeds to the people in Standing Rock, ND.)


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