COMICS: Guest Rasyid Juraimi Picks His Favorite Books Of The Week (6-24-15)

mulan1Rasyid plays guitar in the Singaporean grindcore band Wormrot. He is also a huge comics enthusiast. Last week he sent in his list of his favorite books and what he is looking forward to this week. See his list below.

5. Mulan Revelations #1 (Dark Horse)

When I saw the preview pages, I fell in love with the girl in the Chinese armor. I saw solicitations describing it as a crossover of Mulan and Matrix. Well, not quite.
It opens with an epic battle scene, then a scene with ghosts with heads of the Chinese zodiac animals, and Mulan looking cool as shit fighting a demonic soldier.

Fast forward almost 2000 years, the setting is now an advanced metropolis suffering from a techno-rejection virus, and Mulan might be the key to the vaccine.
The art looks beautiful with its digital treatment. Some panels look like it’s pull straight out of a concept art. Character designs look amazing aside from that lame ass sleeve tattoo on Uncle Hong.

Nothing stands out as Matrix just yet, and some of the exposition eg. the news report on TV seems forced. Nonetheless, I’m excited to see how this goes and I’d love to see more of Mulan in armor versus demons!

4. UFOlogy #3 (Boom Studios)

Boom’s been on a roll lately with their new titles and UFOlogy is one for the alien seekers and theorists at heart. Becky gets released from the hospital after escaping a burning building unscathed, but trouble follows her, one being the glowing mark on her head. We learn of the early days of the EF-AR-EE-EE-KAYs, further introduction of the mysterious gooey man, and how Malcolm copes with his dad barring him from taking the truck out anymore. Last page goes total nuts.
Beautifully done interiors by Matthew Fox and Adam Metcalfe. There’s lots of text/dialogue in UFOlogy, it takes longer than usual to finish an issue. Might turn you off if you’re not patient. However, it’s only a 6-issue mini-series so you don’t have to invest too much time to get into it.

3. Southern Cross #4 (Image)

You saw what happened in the previous issues; creepy shit is going on in that ship! This is the fourth issue of Becky Cloonan’s horror thriller in space, and as upset and confused as she was after seeing the ‘ghost’ of her bunk mate Erin, Braith is not letting up just yet. No narration and all dialogue keeps things current and bullshit-free. A couple of flashbacks shed light to Braith’s motivation, and expose what’s behind that tough exterior. Things will get crazier, and you’ll want to see this through to the end.

2. Where Monsters Dwell #2 (Marvel)

When this title was announced in the months before Secret Wars, i scoffed at it. Who’d pick up this dumb title anyway, when you have more pressing matters in other parts of Battleworld, with cooler characters and more relevance to the overall Secret Wars storyline?
As it turns out,… me. And issue two cements its position on my pull-list.

It’s the Golden Age of pulp fiction all over again. To see a title like this coincide with Secret Wars is off-beat refreshing. So far, nothing of God Doom’s rule was ever mentioned in the past two issues, so it acts as a standalone title for now.

Karl Kaufmann’s still a dick (whom i love), Franklin-Cox brushes off his advances with ease, a tyrannosarus rex eats through a tribe, witness a giant croc versus a giant shark and then land on an island inhabited by jungle girls. Yup. Give this a try, take a break from all the seriousness of Doom.
Now i wanna see Sauron show up.

1. E Is For Extinction #1 (Marvel)

Holy shit, now THAT’S an introduction! Seems like Charles’ got Cassandra Nova trapped in his body (or she’s taken over), and offed himself in hope to kill Cassandra. But will that be enough?

Speculations aside, this book is the absolute best of the week. Magneto leads the younger New X-Men team in Charles footsteps, and like Charles, holds one of many secrets. We see the older (or ‘Classic’) Cyclops, Emma Frost and Wolverine being replaced by the new blood, and their powers aren’t what they used to be. But that’s not gonna stop them from uncovering Magneto’s secrets, so they start recruiting. And hell, why not start with the most controversial one? #retcon #starforabrain

The art is reminiscent of Nick Pitarra’s Manhattan Projects; fresh, exaggerated and unflatteringly real. Colours in the panels pops out like Play Doh, you’ll wish this is a cartoon series. In just a few pages, you’ll understand the relationship between all the characters and recognise their familiar traits, and you can’t help but root for both teams. You might wanna read up on Grant Morrison’s run of New X-Men to fully appreciate the references and characters (especially the last page). A fun, fulfilling and accessible digest, I can’t be happier reading this for my first review. Fuck yes.

Titles to look out for next week:
Arcadia #3
Spire #1
Barb Wire #1
We Stand On Guard #1
The Wicked and The Divine #12
Secret Wars #4
X-Tinction Agenda #2
Years of Future Past #2


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