Comics: Ross Picks His Favorites Of The Week, 6-10-15

There were some really good books this week. What I read I was really impressed with for the most part, but some just didn’t stick with me as much as I would have liked. I thought it would be pretty cool to make you a list of my favorite books of the week and hopefully uoiread some of these and felt the same I did. This weeks comics came from a variety of publishers and this marks the first week I have picked up DC books in a good while. Instead of wasting time, let’s get to my list.

Honorable Mentions:
Zombies Vs. Robots #6
-The story continues and keeps me dying for more.
Starfire #1 -Really fun jumping on point for this great character.

5. Ghost Racers #1 -An interesting Battleworld title that pits all of the Ghost Riders against each other on a race track.
4. Marvel Zombies #1 -It is what it says it is. Marvel. Zombies. Check it.
3. Saga #29 -The saga continues in this, one of my all time favorite comics.
2. Batman #41 -The outcome of issue #40, which introduces the new Batman.

1. Constantine The Hellblazer #1
-This was definitely my most anticipated book of the week. I am a huge fan of John Constantine in all of his incarnation and seeing the book relaunch in a dirtier, more Vertigo-styled title is brilliant. It’s dark, it’s beautiful and I absolutely can’t wait for issue #2.

Most anticipated books of 6-16-15:
Oh, Killstrike #2
Black Canary #1
Doomed #1
Dr. Fate #1
Harley Quinn And Power Girl #1
Robin, Son of Batman #1
Southern Bastards #9
Runaways #1
Thors #1


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