SPIDER-MAN: Asa Butterfield out of the running for Spider-Man?


For the past few months now, one name kept coming up for the potential role of Spider-Man and that name is Asa Butterfield. Reports said he was a front-runner for the position and that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures were still looking for potential actors to take on the role of the web-slinging teenager, but that Asa was their front-runner.

Well now, it looks like that has changed as Jeff Sneider of The Wrap was currently filming a new episode of Meet The Movie Press on the Popcorn Talk Network and confirmed that Asa Butterfield has been taken out of the running. According to Sneider’s sources, there are three actors left in the running for the position of Spider-Man and those actors are Tom Holland, Charlie Plummer, and Matthew Lintz. Marvel Studios seems to favor Charlie Plummer for the role, while Sony Pictures favors Tom Holland for the role and that Sony Pictures has selected him as the front-runner for the position.

Now, we all know news changes all the time and that the casting of Spider-Man has become one of the most sought after piece of news stories, possibly ever, as far as the comic book movie entertainment world goes. With Captain America: Civil War well into production, we should finally expect to hear which of these actors, if any, will don the red suit and tights hopefully by Comic-Con next month or by the D23 expo in August.


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