Comic Review: BATMAN #41

IMG_0079Writer: Scott Snyder
Penciler: Greg Capullo
Inker: Danny Miki
Colorer: FCO Plascencia
Letterer: Steve Wands
Publisher: DC Comics
Release date: June 10th, 2015

Okay. I haven’t read anything from the DC Universe since the end of Trinity War. Ths is becuse DC has a thing about going from one big event into another big event and so on and so forth. Well, that is tiring and I don’t have the kinds of cash to stay up on all of their events. Now, when I said I didn’t read past Trinity War, I didn’t read Forever Evil or Futures End, I just gave it up. I did however read Batman #40.

By this point, we all know what happened in Batman #40. Warning if you haven’t read it, spoilers follow.

So, the end of Batman #40 is that a building collapses down on top of Batman and The Joker, killing them. Mother of god. After Batman #40, the world was stuck in Convergence, so the question remained: What happened to Batman? We find out throughout the pages of issue #41. On the cover of the issue, we can see a mech-styled armor suit, albeit from the back, and I assumed that Batman had stuffed his broken form into the armored suit like he did in The Dark Knight Returns.

I was wrong. Kind of. Yes, Batman is back but no, it isn’t the broken, battered Bruce. Nice alliteration, huh? No, instead it is revealed that our own Jim Gordon has taken up the mantle of The Bat as a part of a government-fueled project that works alongside the police to keep a Batman alive in some respect after the fall of Bruce. I really like the idea and I was excited to see where it went. Throughout the issue, Batman is fighting a creature made of pure energy that he is having trouble shutting down, but this isn’t the main focus of the issue.

The purpose of the issue is to introduce Gordon as Batman and show us how we became the Bat and how he got his mechanized suit. He does, of course, eventually take down the monster, who is actually being controlled by a person a short ways away who is holding a Gothamite hostage but like I said, this is not the main focus of the issue. My favorite part of the issue invovles both Gordon and Harvey Bullock, the latter of whom states that Gordon is too old to be Batman. He believes that Jim is in his sixties, where as Gordon retorts, stating that he is only forty-six.

All in all, I was blown away by this issue and it makes me really want to go back through all of the issues I’ve missed, but even if I don’t, issue #41 is a perfect jumping on point for anyone new to the book. If you’re like me, I suggest grabbing this issue and jumping in now and then reading back over the previous 40 comics. I am very curious to see where the story goes from here. It should be an interesting ride from here on in Batman comics.


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